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Body for sale

Earlier today I ​was reading an article on prostitution in Bangladesh. Shattered; it broke my heart after I read what & how a woman, a kid of age 15 has to go through.

Not only in Bangladesh but everywhere. Yes! Everywhere. They have to suffer at every bit, every second providing that certain drugs are given to the kids which are given to the animals to fatten livestock, to make them look older & healthier at earlier ages.

At some places you will find this “profession” to be legal but at some places not. Thinking about the legal/illegal terms won’t change our mindset of treating woman as a sex object. Child trafficking; selling a girl to brothel is the act mostly practiced because it’s an easier & quicker way of earning a good amount of money.

And you know what is shocking? A woman herself deals for a woman with her customer. What I usually hear is that only a woman can understand a woman especially her sufferings. Bring it to the reality, you’ll come to know nothing can make us sleep better other than money. Not only it sells a woman, her body & soul but at that very instant humanity is sold aswell.

What commonly I’ve read everywhere that women there in brothel are happy because they earn pretty heavy amount of money. Sure thing, what else she can say when she knows well that she has to live & die here. No one will accept her if she chooses to leave this “profession” because our so called literate society accepts a “clean & a virgin” woman. Ah! what more can you expect from this society?

Woman basically dies the day when she is forced to do something at first place & then later she gets used to it. Make a prostitute sit & ask her if she’s ACTUALLY happy with her job? Her profession? If she’s able to sleep peacefully after earning this big amount of money? Lust of possession & greed has indeed ravaged the soul of humanity like a great cancer.

The most disturbing part is when they make their children to follow the same path because there is a sufficiency for a man’s need but not for his greed. Only if we could understand that there is something more than money.. This desire.. this greed.. a human being is an indeed complex creature.

Those NGOs who are working day & night, who typically focus on saving women from the sex trade rather than supporting sex workers who demand greater rights are doing a good & satisfying job. May they are able to rescue more workers & punish the culprits.

Only If someone could wash her face & look at her scars, feel her pain rather than just using her as YOUR source of entertainment. Respect woman!

So called Politics..


These days politics in our country begin from Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification & ends at Ayesha Gulalai’s baseless allegations on Imran Khan. Say, our political consistency has been affected in many ways after Panama Case issue got over. Our new Prime Minister? Who? I keep forgetting his name everytime because he’s so irrelevant in Pakistan’s politics despite being a new Prime Minister of Pakistan. Consistency has been affected so badly that to defame someone we use a womancard. We bring on respected ladies from other parties & use them for our own benefit. If I talk about myself, I was surprised/shocked how confidently a woman comes on public forum & calls a party leader a “Characterless” man. Instead of focusing on core issues of Pakistan, we are more interested in playing game of dirty politics. Less than a year for GE’18, try every possible way to create awareness among people to vote for the best but trust me, they will vote for those who are set to make fake promises of providing “Roti Kapra Makaan”. They will vote for those who will bribe them with Qeeme walay naan, they will vote for those who use Islam as weapon and.. they will vote for those who will make them sell their imaan worth RS. 1000. Only if understanding & realizing what is happening & what deserves a thumbs up or down could have helped us in deciding the future of our beloved country, Pakistan. – A Proud Pakistani.

An Extraordinary among the Ordinary.

Ustaad, Shahenshah e Qawwal etc.. he was known by many names. He was famous for his melodious voice, he was famous for performing for hours & hours with high level of intensity, he was famous for the way he used to sing, he was famous for what he was years & years back & what he is today. Who was he? An ordinary kid who dreamt to be a singer. Who is he today? He’s the maestro of Qawwals.. He’s Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. 

Considered to be one of the bests ever recorded, his mystical songs mesmerized million. Even after these 20 years, he continues to inspire everyone. From a kid to an adult, every single person listens to him even today. His “Dam Mast Qalander” “Jhoole Jhoole Lal” & “Gham hai ya khushi” remains promiment. 

He used to go and sit by the ocean, and watch it for hours and hours. And one day it occoured to me, that I, as a viewer, am in fact seeing two oceans, for this man himself is an ocean.-Javed Akhtar

There are good singers no doubt but then there are people like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who outclassed the language aswell as religion. Sense of holy rapture that was emotional & exciting at the same time could be witnessed when he opened his mouth. To be a Qawwal, it’s more than being a entertainer, more than being an artist because when you sing, you sing for Allah.

“When I sing for God, I feel myself in accord with God, and the house of God, Mecca, is right in front of me. And I worship. When I sing for Mohammed, peace be upon him, our prophet, I feel like I am sitting right next to his tomb, Medina, and paying him respect and admitting to myself that I accept his message.”

    Today marks 20th Death Anniversary of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahab. He surely is in a better place right now but he will always remain alive in our hearts.

    • “The more honors I am given , the more afraid I become, that I might not slip in the eyes of my fans. I pray to Allah to preserve me and keep me in his favor. I need his friendship . I do not bother about the disaffections of the times”

    A thought

    Whenever I listen to him, I always think whether we actually deserve him or not? Worked selflessly day & night for who? For us Pakistanis so that he can give us a better future, a country we all dreamt of, a country free from corruption. Today was a very special day for us Insafians, us Pakistanis. I could see that determination & happiness on his face when he stood up to talk. Word to word, every single word he said motivated me. Tears in my eyes I continued to listen him till the end & prayed for his long life & good health. It was one of his best speeches of all time. He speaks his heart out unlike Mian Nawaz NOT Sharif who carries parchi every single time wherever he goes. May Allah bless my Leader always. Pakistan ka heera, Imran Khan hamara. 

    -His Proud supporter!

    Separate Land.. Independence?

    To us Independence means a free land, a separate homeland, a place where you don’t have to be slaves to someone. But are we actually living in an Independent land?

    Let me go through something. Seventy Years back a man known as Quaid e Azam fought for us, for us people so that we could have a bright future, so that we don’t have to be slaves to someone like people used to be before. He fought day & night to provide us with a separate homeland & he did. People sacrificed their today for our tomorrow, they had that ability to go through something which will hurt them as deep as possible but for us, they did go through that & separate homeland was rewarded to us. PAKISTAN!

    Pakistan, yes my Pakistan. A place where we were born with so many dreams. A barren land whom we dreamt to make a better place for the entire human race. 

    Thinking, did our dreams come true? Did we make it a better place? Did we give back to Pakistan what it deserved? What we did – we became selfish. We went on playing a game of dirty politics where a death of an innocent is politicized, where we make fake promises to an ordinary man to provide them with basic necassities, where we buy people & make them our slaves, where we sell our Imaan worth few rupees, where we select people on the basis of money & kick those who are bound to be selected on merit, where someone else, carrying heavy weapons with more than 20 bodyguards comes up with a smile on his face & asks us to vote for him. This is what we dreamt for? If this is not slavery then what is it?

    Being a patriotic Pakistani, my heart bleeds when I see people going through this. A separate homeland is one of the biggest Allah’s blessings but to us a separate homeland is only what matters the most. We barely think of making it a better place. For a moment atleast, we forget how people sacrificed their lives to give us a better place to live. 

    We have got the world’s best army, we have got heaven in our country, we have got every bit blessing in our country which most of the countries don’t even have. Be thankful to what you have!

    I love my Pakistan more than any place I have visited so far. I love my people of Pakistan. Today I’m on that part of my life where I have finally understood what Pakistan means to us. Wherever I go, I always raise my head proudly to tell people that yes! I’m a Pakistani, a proud Pakistani.

    May Allah give us the ability to get rid of all those who are trying to destroy Pakistan in the flesh of a human. May Allah eliminate the dirty game of Politics which is ruining our country after Quaid e Azam left us. Let’s make Pakistan a that country which Allama Iqbal dreamt of, which every Pakistani who is not among us dreamt of. Seventy Years, freaking SEVENTY years dear. May you have many more to come.

    Pyaray Pakistan! Happy Birthday. 💚

    Road to Prosperous Pakistan.

    We certainly have talked about alot of things when it comes to see a Prosperous Pakistan or more like “Khushhaal Pakistan”. But do we actually make efforts to see one? No we don’t. Quite many of us have access to social media yet we remain blank when someone asks us What is happening these days? Where your country is going? We remain pointless about what & how we are supposed to talk about it. I being an overseas Pakistani have always been really concerned about my home country Pakistan. Though I visit Pakistan once in two years still i’m really concerned about what is happening in Pakistan politically, socially & morally. I find it my responsibility to be keep myself updated about the happenings through newspapers, social media etc & also one should be. Only if we manage to think about our country more about ourselves, we surely can make it a better place!